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The battle of Sabine Pass – Shawn Bartholomae

Sabine Pass - Shawn Bartholomae
Sabine Pass has the distinction of being a city located inside of another city. It maintains its own city government. Shawn Bartholomae explains how it is incorporated within the authority and jurisdiction of Port Arthur. The two communities became as one from a common census since the 1990’s. Sabine Pass has a separate school district, operates and maintains its own post office. It abides by and complies with the jurisdiction of the water district authority.

The Sabine Pass community however is a neighborhood in the Jefferson county within the Beaumont –Port Arthur metro area of the state of Texas.

The fact that Sabine Pass exists and Texas is part of the United States could have been much different.

According to the Adams-Onis treaty the Louisiana boundary was to landfall on the West bank of the Sabine River which would have placed the community of Sabine pass inside of the Louisiana boundary. At the time the border was set, Texas was an autonomous republic. Texas claimed the border ended at the Sabine River Delta and thus would claim the community. The two sides were not all that cordial and certainly were not in agreement. The possibility and even the probability of an open war between the new republic of Texas and the United States ran high.

Mr. Shawn Bartholomae of Prodigy Oil and Gas observes the history when Louisiana became a state, they openly declared the border of Louisiana to be extend to the Western flanks of the river. Texas insisted that the border stopped at the pass on the Eastern side. The issue was deep seated and the United States sent armed patrols into the pass. Texas did likewise.

There were several incidents that could have led to open hostilities. If the incident had seen that turn of events, it is quite possible that the state of Texas would have existed as a separate nation. Hostilities at that time would have put in jeopardy both the petition of Texas to join the union and also would have cast doubt upon the acceptance of such a petition by the United States.

While the US assigned a cutter to patrol American territory, and run the river, Shawn Bartholomae notes that the Republic of Texas patrolled the river with her own ship, the Santa Anna. There were incidents that could easily have led to armed conflict and even war between the U.S. and the new republic. Eventually the conflict was resolved and the Sabine Pass was declared Texas territory.

In modern times the Sabine Pass takes on a new and valuable role as the ideal facilities for the construction of massive LNG export terminals. The petroleum interest in the Sabine Pass first appeared prominent in 2008 as the nation was importing petroleum fuels and the pass was a natural magnet for this type of imports.

The facility became the first of its kind in the U.S. to be able to do both simultaneously, export and import huge volumes of natural gas. This should prove to be a huge factor as the present interest in the exporting of petroleum heats us.

In retrospect, both sides are extremely fortunate that the incident came to a peaceful resolution. The fortunes of both the United States and Texas are immensely affected by the fact that Texas is part of the Union.

Prodigy Oil and Gas principal Shawn Bartholomae concludes that it could have easily been other wise.